Welcome to
The Happy School

The Happy School’s foremost goal is reflected in its unique name- to provide its students with a happy, memorable childhood in an environment where their individuality is recognised and nurtured. Many students come from families in which the prospect of continued, prioritised education is not always the certainty it might be for students who attend private schools. At the Happy School, we strive not just to provide education, but to provide the all-round education that we firmly believe our students deserve.


A primary school with facilities for students from nursery to Class 5, the Happy School is a government-aided NGO school. Children are taught by volunteers and government teachers alike, and the diversity in our staff and administration contributes to our eclectic methods. Our academic calendar features volunteer-run summer camps, Christmas fairs, sports meets and elocution competitions alongside regular classes.


The Happy School provides children with a space where they can realise their own exceptional potential instead of being shaped to fit a certain mould. We do not let our limited infrastructure pose an obstacle to children who are eager to move on to higher education; we seek partnerships with interested sponsors to provide opportunities for talented students at senior government schools and private schools in Gurgaon. Our alumni and alumnae make their mark wherever they go, be it in academics or co-curricular activities, and we are proud to see them embody the values of excellence and perseverance that we hold so dear at the school.